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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A disruption and a blues-playing baby acrobat

Well, so far, so calm. Things seem to have settled a bit with DS1, which is why it's a shame he had to go to his Dad's tonight, which will throw everything up in the air again. I never seem to get used to it, even though I know the routine so well: He goes to his Dad's for the weekend, he comes home whingy and complaining about everything (after the 1st couple of hours of niceness because he missed us) and this works itself up to a height by the time it gets to 'our' weekend, he gets it all out of his system and we have a couple of days of calm before he's off to his Dad's again, and the whole thing starts over. It is very tiring! School night overnights with his Dad are often worse, (even though its only 1 night, unlike the weekends), because it throws his routine out. Maybe this time it will be different though - his Dad forgot to pick up his stuff before he got him from school, so he got to come home and have a quick hug before he went, so I'm hoping that chance to touch base might help - its a vain hope, but I'm crossing everything...

In other news, DS2 is still a delight - this week he decided to take his Fruit Shoot bottle and run it along the fret board when I was playing my guitar. He also managed to climb to his own height on the climbing frame by hanging on to the top bar and swinging his leg up to his own shoulder height to hook it over the lower bar. More impressively though he then slides his body and head between the two bars to dismount - without losing any teeth. I'm thinking maybe a blues playing acrobat in a former life?!

Him and DS1have also developed a couple of games that keep us all amused. They have a competition which involves who can say 'aaaaaaa' in the silliest way - its like listening to a 90s Budweiser commercial in the back of your car - until eventually they both dissolve into giggles. Their other game is that one of them will start shaking their head from side to side and then the other one does it too, until they're both shaking their heads from side to side as fast as they can, and again, giggles ensue - they normally do this during tea time - to get out of having to concentrate on eating tea, which they both find pretty dull after the initial hunger is sated. If it wasn't quite so funny it would be pretty annoying. I'm thinking of filming it and setting it to 'Whip my Hair' and putting it on You Tube and seeing how many hits I get. DS2 is a prime giggler - he chats away to himself in his high chair and then laughs as if he's just said something hilarious. I'm sure everything he's saying does mean something - it has the rhythm of proper sentences - just difficult to decide what it is when the only sounds seem to be 'bruv, bruv, bruva', 'mum, mum, mum' (much more rarely) and the occasional 'bah' and 'dah' for good measure. The other week he said, very clearly to DS1's dad 'Are you Bruvva dada?'. He couldn't possibly have known what he was saying, but that is exactly what it sounded like - I know because DS1's dad actually answered him. He asked the neighbour the other day 'Where my bruvva?' again really clearly, because she answered. Maybe he does know what he's saying, he's just pretending that it's all nonsense - wouldn't surprise me, he has that look about him. His strangest habit by far is humming 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' to himself - I've known lots of babies that hum randomly, but not one that can pass off a recognisable tune. DS1 used to sing it to him through my bump when I was pregnant, and its always calmed him from day 1, so maybe it has become ingrained. Perhaps I should enter him in Britain's Got Talent - now that would win me some parenting awards....

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