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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Godfamily, school friends, snot and paranoia

Sneaking in a quick blog while the baby sleeps - we all have colds at the moment, so it's a welcome respite from being covered in snot snail trails - ah the joy of DS1 being back at school and bringing home every bug, virus and general nasty going!

We finished off the weekend with a lovely day out with DS2's god family (Godmum, Goddad, plus their daughter and Goddad's mum - who we've decided to call Godsister and Godgran to make life easier!) It's fab going out with them - since DS2 doesn't have a 'dad's side' to his family, these are like the joy of in-laws without the hassle of them - I am doubly blessed!! Plus DS1 and Godsister get on really well - which is how we know them in the first place. Went to a country-fair type thing and saw kites dancing to music, went on carousels and bouncy castles, got a cuddly dinosaur for 50p and had DS1 and DS2's name carved on a name plate for their bedroom door.

Of course, all this joyousness made for a very tired and shouty Monday morning back to school - particularly with the colds kicking in. I guess that's the payback for having a busy weekend - would be lovely if there wasn't one but there always is - and I resent it less when its been my weekend than when I get the payback for the weekend DS1 had with his dad - all the pain from someone else's joy.
I love DS1 to pieces and wouldn't be without him, but sometimes, just sometimes, I would like to be the weekend parent for a while. I'm going to try to suggest this to DS1's dad, that maybe once a term he takes some time off work and does the school runs for a week and I get the weekend - wish me luck!!

I've been trying all week to record DS2's singing - he sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star perfectly (well hums/"dah, dah"s it in tune) all the time. All the time that is except when I want to record it. I will try to upload it for your delight and delectation when I get close to a decent copy. I just want to get it before he starts singing properly, or singing other tunes - he seems to be working on 'Hot Cross Buns' at the moment, so they tend to get morphed into one another.

DS1 had his new friend round for tea yesterday - I am now even more impressed with people that have twins - two the same age are like a whirlwind! Didn't see much of them but their games were very intense and involved moving a lot of stuff about in a short amount of time. All seemed to go well though, just a sad moment when DS2 stood at the bottom of the stairs shouting 'bruvva'  - he is used to brother playing when he comes home and wasn't quite sure what his playmate was up to having someone else there.

Well, I'm off before DS2 awakes. I'm going to attempt some cleaning as I've decided I'm too broke to pay my cleaner anymore. Mind you, I haven't had a text back to confirm she got my (probably over-apologetic) text to let her know, which is slightly worrying me. In a fit of cold-filled tiredness, my paranoid mind thinks she is hating me and secretly plotting what she will do to sabotage my home on her last session next Friday - I really must get some sleep...

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