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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Half term, sickness and no mummy time!

Yep, half term is upon us and the house is a tip and no time for my usual lengthy rambles - or cleaning for that matter. Oh well...
Started half term with a bang - if any of you were wondering if its fun to be at home alone throwing up every few hours while in sole care of a one year old, I can inform you that I have thoroughly tested it, and its not. Must've eaten something dodgy at the buffet at work on Sunday, so had the joyous task of having to get the car off the dual carriageway to be sick on the way back.  However, that paled into insignificance compared to trying to manage DS2 alone when I got back. 
He'd just spent his longest time away from me, had decided he quite enjoyed it and didn't want Gran to leave, which would've worked for me but you know the score there. Anyway, once she did, he decided all he wanted to do was feed - you can imagine how great that made me feel, feeling rough already, and not having kept anything down since breakfast - but since I was too wiped out to move to get him anything to eat, not really any other options. Fortunately DS2 timed his going to sleep just before I was sick again, so at least I didn't have to manage the two things at once. Anyway, needless to say the next day was a complete write off - DS2 had to survive on bananas, grapes and biscuits, but to be honest, that's his perfect day anyway. Really missed DS1 though who was at his dad's - could've done with an extra pair of hands - and DS2 virtually pounced on him when he came back that evening: "Mummy's been very boring, please play with me now". I almost wished at one point that DS2 had a dad to take over, but then I remembered my unfortunate taste in men would most likely mean they wouldn't actually help at all, so I was quite relieved that I was only feeling sick, and not disappointed in a relationship at the same time. (Been there, done that, definitely worse)
Started to feel human again today but so behind with cleaning, washing, washing up etc. we can barely move without standing on something, oh well, always tomorrow, wish me luck

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