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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween and the exploding nappy

And so the second half of the Autumn term begins. I was still in a bit of a daze on Monday, and spent most of it getting ready for Halloween - which is BIG in our house. DS2 and I made buns while DS1 was at school. It was a bit sad not to have DS1 there - its the first year it's not been on a weekend since he started school, so it was strange getting ready without him. When he got back though, there was still a whole load of manic rushing round to do, beginning with me trying to throw an old shower curtain over a privet hedge.  And why not?! It did look like a ghost... honest - more so once I'd gaffer taped the eyes on, in fairness - and fortunately no one carted me away before that.  DS1 was already knackered from half term, so was ridiculously over excited about Halloween and went into panic mode everytime a trick or treater arrived to make sure he offered them all the right treats. Then, when there weren't any, he kept running out into the street shouting 'Where are all the trick or treaters? We've got the best treats here!'. He'd lost the plot completely by the end of the night he was so knackered, but he did love it, which was main objective achieved. DS2 was also extremely tired, so we took to putting him behind the stairgate when the trick or treaters came, to stop him escaping out the door and into the road. However, because he kept pressing his face against the bars, in his outfit, it just looked like we'd captured a small live pumpkin and caged it. Very festive.

After a massive post-Halloween clear up session I got to bed late, and so it was with great joy I got to start Tuesday with a phone call from my brother, to say his on-off girlfriend of about 3 years had dumped him again - just as he'd given up his flat to move in with her. This is about the 13th time this has happened, and we were all waiting for it a bit, although we did think she might wait until she'd got presents out of him for Christmas. Before you judge him, he does have Adult ADHD and going back to people that treat you badly is a symptom of that - and she knows it, so feel free to judge her. Anyway, trying to be supportive whilst thinking 'got to get the kids ready for school/childminders' is not an easy balance, but I think I just about pulled it off. However, when I did get upstairs again to see to them, DS2 had had an explosion in his nappy and poo had leaked all down his pyjama legs. The day was clearly signalling it was going to be one of  'those' kind of days.
 Got DS2 on the change mat and got DS1 to hold him down and sing to him while I dealt with the other end. It was one of those explosions that went everywhere, so it was several handfuls of wipes before we were sorted. Could still smell it somewhere though, and was wondering around trying to find where some could've escaped too when I looked down and saw two brown blogs, one on each leg of my clean-on jeans - nice! Still, could've been worse, I could've not noticed it - now that would've been an impressive look in the playground.
Managed to get DS1 to school but having left my phone at home, I nipped in to the drive to get it on the way to the childminder's and what did I see? A large patch of oil underneath where my car normally sits. Yep, it was definitely one of 'those' days. I have to say it didn't really improve, but I'll fill you in on the details next time, as it's now way past my bedtime - and after the couple of days I've had, I need sleep!!

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