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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Getting back to the ordinary again...

Almost two weeks since I posted the goodbye letter. God it still hurts.

Some days are better than others. Sometimes I'm almost glad that life is getting back to normal after so many months of craziness. And sometimes I close the door after dropping the kids off and out comes such a primal scream that I gasp for air like I'm drowning

He's barely been on FB... it was our place and I guess he's avoiding it. Although, today I noticed he'd joined her to the closed fan page we co-administrate - which we'd had a conversation about a while back, I might've mentioned it. Anyway, she's sat on the 'requested to join' list for several weeks, and when we spoke he'd not been keen to join her - it's the page where we all play really, and he wasn't sure he wanted her involved. I'd told him it was up to him - I wasn't going to join her, as she was his ex and I wasn't going to get involved. So the fact that after all this time she's finally on there, I guess is as much confirmation as I'm going to get that they are back together.

But why? I don't get it. I guess maybe it's just as simple as he loves her, always has and probably always will. Maybe because of that and all their shared history it doesn't matter how badly she's behaved, he's just going to put up with it. And lets face it, the relationship he and I had isn't one that's remotely compatible with him having a girlfriend. Still, it was unkind of him to just cut me off the way he did - no warning, no explanation, and certainly no apology.

It's strange to realise how much of a connection we had, how much the little things counted. Pretty much every morning I would wake up and there would be something on FB - even if he'd just liked a post of mine. Now, nothing. For almost two weeks.

I ended up going to his Open Mic on Thursday. His best mate convinced me - lets call him C2BM eh? gotta love an acronym! We've been chatting a lot on FB recently, its really meant a lot to have someone who knows Crush 2.0 to be supportive of me - I sent him a copy of that last post (with pseudonyms change to protect the innocent of course) and it really meant a lot that he was kind and sympathetic, coming from someone that knows Crush 2.0 that means a lot - although he's also at a loss to understand why he's behaving the way he is. Anyway, it was C2BM's last Open Mic before Christmas so I said I'd go, and it was lovely to see all my friends and it felt like coming home - like seeing my family again. Some kind words from a friend earlier in the day had helped and I went with the attitude of just enjoying myself with my friends - and since I wasn't trying to notice Crush 2.0 or get any connection then it didn't hurt so much. It just hit me a bit the next day, realising that all we'd said was hello and goodbye, and the conversation necessary when you get up to play - apart from that he'd actively avoided being involved in any conversation that I was a part of. Just sad really.

It's shitty.. but if his ex is as unstable as she appears to be, then I guess that's the condition of them being back together. And if that's what he wants then that's what he's got to do.

It's just that as well as the sadness, life just seems a little dull without it.

And I know people mean well, but the 'oh don't worry someone better will come along' type comments drive me mental. I guess that's because it means that the person saying it doesn't understand me - and having just lost someone who really did, it hurts particularly to discover others.
I didn't fall for Crush 2.0 because I was looking for a man and he happened to fit the bill. I fell for him because of him, because of everything he is. I have been - and remain - happy with being single, but just because you're happy with the single life you choose to live doesn't mean you'll never fall in love. And having had that happen to you and it all ended like this, you're certainly not going to be looking to do it any time soon...Jesus, I wouldn't go through this last month again if you paid me!!

I mean, don't get me wrong, if the choice was between none of this crazy summer and autumn happening at all, and it happening and ending like this, I'd choose the latter every time. I've had a ball!!  I have some amazing friends - and if only for a short time I felt understood, cared about, appreciated by a gorgeous, talented, intelligent man. That was a good feeling.. even if it did drive me slightly crazy all the 'will he? won't he?' stuff... better to have loved and lost eh?

So for now, I'm in the place of being glad that it happened and sad that its over at the same time... and that changes each day... guess I've just got to keep on keeping on - as Crush 2.0 used to say...

So here's me keeping on...
  • I'm keeping in contact with all the friends I made - and it hasn't affected my developing friendship with C2BM - thus far - which I hope will remain true, because he is a really lovely human being. 
  •  I'm exploring other Open Mics - although the average age seems about 15 years younger than Crush 2.0s ones - not used to feeling like the old lady!!
  • I'm trying to sort out my house because after the last three months it is just piles of unsorted stuff everywhere. Who knows, I may even clean... no laughing at the back there!!
  • I'm trying to yell less at DS1 - although he does drive me completely crazy with his ignoring everything I say and generally being vacant - so some things haven't changed that much since I started this blog.
  • I've even been known to sit down on the floor and play with DS2 in the last week, instead of just leaving him to his trains and tracks by himself
  • I'm off on a mum's night out this week, and I'm seeing as much of my mum friends as I can
  • I've agreed to go to C2BM's Christmas gig, which Crush 2.0 will be at, but I refuse to give up my friends because of him... it will be hard, but I will handle it, and it will get easier, slowly but surely...
So, tell me.. what are your top tips for getting over someone? And have you managed to keep mutual friends after a break up? All thoughts greatly appreciated!!


  1. Really tough :( I think you're doing admirably. It sounded such an intense "friendship" and he has acted like a child ducking out of something in fear of being told off about. I'm glad it hasn't stopped you enjoying the many other good-hearted people in the world, even if they are connected to him! I'm sure it won't make it any easier for now, but friends have a lovely way of raising your spirits (even if you don't want them raised!). I had a bonkers friendship with a man pre-daughter; we were like best friends, spent all our time together, shared beds, went to each others parents things; everyone was under the assumption we were together. I finally challenged him years on and he didn't know what to say apart from that he wasn't entirely sure I was "it" and made me question if a lot was in my head (pretty sure it wasn't). I walked away and was heartbroken; I really loved him and he made me feel so me. For ages I avoided anything vaguely connected to him and would go out of my way to avoid things that reminded me of him; I regret that now, especially as I now know he was laying lower than me so i effectively bit off my nose to spite my face (such an odd expression!). We are now fairly close friends again; ironically my daughter's birth bought us closer together again and we are now firm platonic friends with boundaries. I hope in the future you and Crush 2.0 can either find a friendship with no confusion or at least some peace with him. xx

    1. Thank you - your situation sounds like it was really similar - its so hard isn't it? Glad you've found a way through. Bizarrely as I was reading your comment he popped up to say hello to me on FB chat - after two weeks of silence - and ask me if I was going to a mutual friend's gig on Monday. So maybe he does still want to be friends, although I for one will be treading a lot more carefully from now on - boundaries all the way!! x

  2. aah, it is painful isn't it, but two weeks is early days and it sounds like you are doing everything right.
    I would not suggest a friendship with him at this stage, and I don't think its fair of him to suggest it. There might be a time for that in the future, but I think right now it will only prolong your pain.

  3. Thank you.. and I think you're probably right.. the trouble is it's hard not to run into him with all our mutual friends and I don't like it being awkward for them. Still, will be keeping a certain distance for a while yet I think!